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Around the World in Eight Minutes, for Brass Ensemble, commissioned by Winnie Brownell, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, for the inauguration of President DAVID M. DOOLEY

Around the World in Eight Minutes
for BRASS Ensemble.
Commissioned by Winnie Brownell, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, for the Inauguration of PRESIDENT DAVID M. DOOLEY on Thursday April 8 2010, RYAN CENTER.
The musical composition, Around the World in Eight Minutes, explores the musical differences between different continents through a unifying theme.
It is written for brass ensemble, flutes, percussion and traditional instruments and inspired by musical traditions of every continent.

Ann Danis is conducting the special Presidential Inauguration Ensemble that will perform Dr. Aberdam’s composition.
Members of the ensemble include current undergraduate and graduate students, former students, and faculty.
The ensemble includes Jessica Carrera, piccolo;
Sandra Davin and Allison Parramore, flute;
Stephen Grueb, didgeridoo;
Ethan Cafferky, Jacob Desmarais, and Stephen Laprade, French horn;
Seth Bailey, Anthony Mazza, and Brian Cardany, trumpet;
Erin Dawson, Euphonium; Michael Ottaviano, Michael Rayner, and Andrew St. Geroge, trombone;
Joshua Sayer, tuba;
Daniel Byer, Zachary Friedland, Charles Kalajian and Michel Muller, percussion.
Brooke Bovard, a music major working to complete a BM degree in music performance (voice) has been selected to sing the national anthem.

Created by Daniel Aberdam. Thanks to Catherine Heyman for her help when building this site