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Grisailles vaporeuses, Trio for piano, violin and cello in three movements.

Trio for piano, violin and cello in three movements.

The title "Grisailles Vaporeuses" means Misty Grayness. The work is in three movements: Pensive, Lyrical, Joyful (and rapid).
Each movement is representing a different mood and making use of different techniques, such as tremolando, arpeggios in pizzicato, and glissandi.
The compositional emphasis is on the melody, and on a certain modality (octatonic and pentatonic idioms), with a few motivic imitations.
The title refers to the white mist and gray fog in early morning hours during Rhode Island typical autumns. The rhythmic bursts of the last movement suggest the colorful explosion of foliage as a contrast to mist and fog.

Sample from first movement, by the Trio Amber
November 19, 2006 in St. Ferjus church, La Tronche (France)

Recording : Daniel Aberdam
Production : Cercle Bernard Lazare - Grenoble

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