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 Quoi ? Ce point

Solo music, by Eliane Aberdam

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2017 : Entre les goutelettes brille le soleil d’été, for piano solo premiere April 21, 2018, St. Michael’s College, Burlington, VT), by pianist Annemieke Mc Lane. Played several times by Gayane Darakyan (URI, Los Angeles, U.C. Irvine in 2019)
2016 : Entre Neige et Azur - Souvenir des Alpes , for cello solo premiered by Ted Mook, URI Composition Concert, May 7, 2017
2015 : La vallée du Grésivaudan, for tuba solo premiere January 28, Gary Buttery, UAS at URI
2008 : Bas et Hauts bois In three movements for oboe solo, oboe d'amore solo and english horn. Premiered at URI , University Artist Series, Jane Murray soloist, April 19th, 2009
2006 : Statuette, for bass clarinet Commissioned by Stephen Grueb, Jury February 23, 2006, and Junior Recital, March 25, 2006, URI
2005 : Surprisentopie, in three movements for piano solo. Premiered at URI, University Artist Series, Manabu Takasawa, piano, October 1, 2005
1999 : Sans Laisser de Trace, in three movements for bassoon solo Premiere at URI Faculty Collage Concert, April 7,2002
1991 : Piano Suite, in six movements after La Commedia dell'Arte Premiered in Philadelphia, Curtis Institute, April 11,1992, David Horne, piano; U.C. Berkeley, Kim Rankin, piano, April 13, 1994; October 22, 1994
1990 : La Cloche Perdue, for piano, orchestrated in 1990.
1988 : Five Little Pieces, for viola solo. Movements I, II & IV premiered in Jerusalem, Rubin Academy, May 1988. Transcribed for violin in 1998. performed at Cedar Falls IA, UNI, April 1999. Performance by Heather Wallace, March 31,2006: Round Table Concert (organized by Desiree Borg Santillian as part of her graduate project)

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