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 Quoi ? Ce point

Music for Orchestra and Band, by Eliane Aberdam

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2017 : Otohime concert for double bass and orchestra finalist of Donne in Music, Fondazione Adkins Chiti - Publishing Contract with Hofmeister, Germany
2015 : Clins d'oeil for chamber orchestra Premiered at Cormeilles en Parisis, June 11, 2011
2012 : Suite Zamarine for wind ensemble Premiered March 4 2012 by the URI Concert Band, conducted by Gene Pollart
2011 : Les Bons Augures for symphonic orchestra Premiered at Cormeilles en Parisis, June 11, 2011
2010 : Around the World in Eight Minutes Commissioned by Dean Winnie Brownell for the Inauguration of the 11th President of URI, Dr. David Dooley. Premiered April 8th, 2010 at URI
2009 : La Primavera, a piece in 3 movments, for string orchestra Premiered in Westerly by Musica Dolce Youth String Orchestra, conducted by Kathleen Monroe, May 3, 2009
2002 : DOn't quIT, for wind ensemble Commissioned by Georges Washington University, February 20,2002
2000 : Quoi ? Ce point., for chamber orchestra Commissioned by the Ensemble InterContemporain. Premiered at La Cité de la Musique, Paris, June 8, 2000
1998 : Astéroide 622, for Large Orchestra Premiere: Berkeley Symphony Orchestra, direction: Kent Nagano, September 10, 1998
1995 : Reflets sur la cité brumeuse, for Chamber Orchestra Public reading: Marin Symphony, direction: Gary Sheldon, San Rafael, January 14,1995. Premiered at UC Berkeley, November 27, 1995
1991 : Urashima Taro, for String Orchestra. Public Rehersal at Curtis Institute, Philadelphia, Direction: Richard Wernick, April 2, 1992.

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